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  1. grhack

    Congratz to Human Stupidity

    Please... It's funny that people tend to think that 'AUTh = grhack' which is fucking ridiculous (it's sad that there are still people who don't know what a university is -- no, I'm not pointing the finger at you). You were probably probed by an asshole using one of the computers in one of those several computer labs that provide free internet access to the students. This IP belongs to the department of civil engineers... Thanks The staff
  2. grhack


    There are no requirements for a presentation apart from the fact that your work should be at least original and creative :-) 0x375 meetings take place 1 to 3 times a year, there are no standard dates. Thanx The staff
  3. grhack


    Yop, If you guys would like to present something on the upcoming 0x375 event let us know (info _at_ grhack _dot_ net). So far we've only one presentation available (huku's one on noexec bypassing). Thanx The staff
  4. grhack

    Kernel Mode Hooking [GR]

    Yop, Very nice article - It's actually one of the best p0wnbox posts ever. Keep up the good work :-) Regards The GR Hack staff