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    Windows 7 God Mode

    :) και ALT+0160 για φάκελο χωρίς όνομα...
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    Για να καταλάβω, τότε έχει κάποιος την απαίτηση να έχεις αγορασμένη άδεια? Ρώτα τον καθηγητή σου έχει αυτός? 3000 μόνο? είχα την εντύπωση οτι ειναι πιο ακριβό.
  3. Really nice tut. I have two questions: After finding out his IP address... 1) It checks out that it is a dynamic address (194.219.1*9.105 resolves to 194.219.1*9.105.dsl.dyn.forthnet.gr) and with a better look it resolves to: server location: Iraklion in Greece. So... why ban an IP address that will carry another user in maybe 2 hours (the most) ? 2) Even if it was resolving to a static IP. Is it wisely to ban for example an entire Internet Cafe? So the question is, 2 ban or not 2 ban? Please bring up more posts with how to read an access_log. There is an interesting project, under the name apache-scalp worth to take a look.